Chapter 7 The Law

Public Relations must understand legal immplications of anything they say or do.

Public Relations has run into some trouble with insider trading. SEC Securites and Exchang Commision protects the public from anything negative that could be reported.

Public Relations and Discourse Law challenged public relations firms on the accuracy of information they desseminate for clients.

Public Relations and Ethics Law-lobbyists have been especially watched when they give money to wealthy interest groups.

PR and the Copyright Law

  • literary works
  • musical works
  • dramatic works
  • pantomimes and choreographic works
  • pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works
  • motion picutures
  • sound recordings

PR and Internet Law

  • Censorship
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cypberquatting
  • E-Fraud

Litigation Public Relations

  1. Learn the process
  2. develop a message strategy
  3. settle fast
  4. anticipate high-profile variables
  5. keep the focus positive
  6. try settling again
  7. fight nicely

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Chapter 6 Ethics

Ethics are used in many forms

  • governement
  • buisness
  • sports
  • education
  • non-profits
  • public relations

PRSA Member Code of Ethics 2000

  • Advocacy
  • Honesty
  • Expertise
  • Independence
  • Loyalty
  • Fairness

Corporate Codes of Conduct

  • To increase public confidence
  • To stem the tide of regulation
  • To improve interal operations
  • To respond to transgressions

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • product lines
  • marketing practices
  • corporate philanthropy
  • enviornmental activities
  • external relations
  • employment diversity in retaining the promoting minorities and women
  • employee safety and health

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Chapters 4&8 Reading Notes

We base attitudes on several things:

  • Personal
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Familial
  • Religious
  • Social Class
  • Race

We can change our attitudes through the power of persuasion useing; Facts, Emotions, Peronalizing, and Appealing to you.

So influencing public opinion is hard to do, so there are things to remember about public opinion,

  • Opinion is highly sensitive to important events
  • Opinion is generally determined more by events than words, unless those words themselves are interpreted as an event
  • at critical times people become more sensitive to the adequacy of their leadership
  • once self-interest is involved people are slow to change
  • people have stonger opinion about goals that about methods
  • in an educated population with access to information then pulic opinion will be the same thing as common sense

Chapter 8

Pubic relations must use research in order to find out what is needed for the story. There are different kinds of research used;

  • Applied Research
  • TheoreticalResearch
  • Secondary Research

Methods of good Public Relations Research include:

  •  Surveys
  • Communications audits
  • unobrustive measures

Public Relations conducts surveys with random sampeling and nonrandom sampling.

We all use the poplular questionaire

  1. keep it short
  2. use structured rather than open-ended questions
  3. measure intensity of feelings
  4. Don’t use fancy words
  5. Don’t ask loaded questions
  6. Don’t ask double-barreled questions
  7. Pretest
  8. Attach a letter knowing how important the respondents quesions are as well as remaining anonymous.
  9. When mailing hand stamp letters
  10. Send out more questionaires than necessary
  11. Enclose a reward

Public Relations also uses interviews and Focus groups

  • telephone interviews
  • email interviews
  • drop-off interviews
  • intercept interviews
  • delphi panels
  • internet interviews

Then a results analysis is conducted then an evaluation is conducted.

Research is always valuable on the web, just measue the validity of the website you are  visiting.

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Chapter 16 Reading Notes

Writing for the Eye

  • Biography

1. straight bio

2. narrative bio

  • backgrounder
  • facts sheets, photos
  • Etc.

The Pitch Letter– the creative pitch, the straight pitch, the proactive question pitch, the ho hum question pitch, the who cares pitch, the what’s new pitch.

The Roundup Article- includes scoops and trends

The Case History1. Presents problem experienced by company

2. indicate dimensions of the problem were defined

3. They indicate the solution adopted

4. Explain the advantages of the adopted solution

5. detail the user company’s experience after adopting the solution

The speechwriting process

  • preparing
  • interviewing
  • researching
  • organizing

The Presentation of the speech

  • get organized
  • get to the point
  • be logical
  • write it out
  • anticipate the negatives
  • speak, don’t read
  • be understandable
  • use graphics wisely
  • be convincing
  • STOP!

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Chapter 15 Reading Notes

Fundamentals of Writing 1. The idea must precede the expression 2. Don’t be afraid of the draft 3. Simplify, clarify 4. Writing must be aimed at a particular audience.

Flesch Redability Formula is very important 1.Use contractions such as it’s and doens’t 2. Leave out the word that whenever possible 3. Use pronouns such as I, we , they, and you 4. When referring back to a noun, repeat the noun or use a pronoun 5. use brief, clear sentences 6. cover only one item per paragraph 7. use language the reader undertands.

Cornerstones to Corporate Writng 1. Be specific 2. Use more words, 3. Find bigger verbs 4. Persue the active voice 5. omit needless words 6. Embrace simplicity and clarity.7. Tell a good story 8. Find interesting voices 9. Take chances. 10. Rewrite

News releases should be and include the following: Have a well defined reason for sending the release.

Focus on one central subject in each release

Make certain the subject is newsworthy in context of the organization

Include facts about the product,service, or issue being discussed

No puffery

Include appropriate quotes

No Jargon

include a brief discription of company (boilerplate)

Write cearly and concisely

News Release content should include Who? What? Where, When, Why.

So basically a news release should include Rationale, Focus, Facts, No puffery, Nourithing Quotes, Limit Jargon, Company descripton, Spelling, grammar, punctuation, brevity, headlines, clarity.

Very important to edit your news release Avoid big words, extra words, cliches, latin, be specific, active, simple, short, organized, convincing, and understandable.

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Chapter 3 Reading Notes

Goals of Communication 1. To inform 2. To persuade 3. To motivate 4. To build mutual understanding

Traditional Therories of Communication ——two-step flow theory and the concentric-circle theory

To encompass and stimulate five step proccess – communication approach

1. Building awareness

2. Developing a latent reading

3. Triggering event

4. Intermediate behavior

5. Behavioral Change

Contemporary Theories of Communication—–Contructivism, coordinated management of meaning, Grunig-Hunt public relations model

1. Press agentry/publicity 2. Public information 3. Two-way asymmetic 4. Two -way symmetric

Communication begins with words-semantics the study of words—different types of language have significant influence the way the message is revealed.

The Message’s real importance is the words 1. The content of the message 2. The Medium of the message 3. The Person is the message

Receivers may face a bias including, Sterotypes, symbols, semantics, peer groups, media

Feedback is important to know know the messages are or are not getting through A message may trigger several different effects 1. It may change attitudes 2. It may crystallize attitudes3. It may create a wedge of doubt 4. It may do nothing

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Chapter 2 Reading Notes

There are several trends that have influenced the growth of Public Relations. 1. Growth of big institutions- PR growing to the size in which it serves 2. Heightened public awareness and media sophistication- the growth of mass communications example twitter 3. Increasing incidence of societal change, conflict, and confrontation- Rights of those who are considered minorities have increased. 4. Globalization and the growing power of global media, public opinion, and democratic capitalism.-public opinion is growing as well as well as an outbreak of democracy and capitalism in China and Latin America 5. Dominance of the Internet and growth of social media. – the internet is used by hundreds of millions of people per day so the growth of instant consumers and instant generators has become very prominant.

Public Relations has ancient beginnings for being a modern practice. Ancient Greeks put a high importance rate on communication skills. And the Romans were masters of persuasion techniques. Even the Catholic church used public relations used propaganda into days terms but they simply wanted to influence people of the Catholic ways of the church.

Public Relations emerged through1. Government 2. Counseling 3. Corporations

Government- WWI, WWII, Richard Nixon Administration, Bill Clinton Administration.

Counseling- Edward Bernay’s large part of communications

Corporations- General Electric, General Motors, and American telephone.

Page’s five Principles of successful Public Relations

1. To make sure managment throughfully analyzes its overall relation to the public

2. To create a system for informing all employees about the firm’s general policies and practices

3. To create a system giving contact employees and knowledge needed to be resonable and polite to the public

4. To create a system drawing employee and public questions and criticism back up through organization to management.

5. To ensure frankness in telling the public about the company’s actions.

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Chapter 1 Reading Notes

The practice of Public Relations is relatively new process. It is definetly prominent in the United States and other large countries. It has grown enoumously even florishing in Latin American Countries. In the U.S. over 250 universities have Public Relations as a degree to chose from. Communications is so important among careers that it is hard to have a job that does not focus on Public Relations.

Some of the largest public relations firms is Omnicom. And PR has a strong society that goes along with it. The Pubilc Relation’s Society has a group of 20,000 members and 116 chapters that go along with it.

Pulic Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper performance, based on mutually satisfying two-way communication. Since PR is a planned process to influence public opinon it must achieve 4 things. Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. Research about the issue at hand, Identify the action the client is interested in, coummunicate the action to gain understanding and acceptance, evaluate the communication and see if the opinion is being influenced.

Integrated Strategic Communications is very important because it deals withe marketing, advertising, and public relations. Public Relations as been renamed to accomidate all that PR has to offer.

Sharp Had five principle’s to PR 1. Honest Communication 2. openness 3. fariness 4. continuous two way communication 5. enviornmental research.

The big issue is always trying to accomidate what the client wants and who exactly the client is. It is a big continuous loop that never seems to end.

The people are the publics they face a similar stituation, recognize what is a problamatic situation, and organize to do something about it. Their are internal and external publics. With the company and outside the company.

When relaying a PR messeage don’t use spin which is a practice to destort public opinion. It is dishonesty and also considered a failure in PR. PR involes ethics and when we influence public opinion we should be ethical and not feed false ideas to the media.

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Lab 2

Lab 2

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